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Our video restoration & enhancement service.


Video Restoration & Enhancement (service):



Restoration & Enhancement of (old or new) film and video material

Do you have film or video material that is not sharp, wobbly, vague, faded and/or played too fast or too slow?
If so, we can help you drastically improve this material in quality!

With the aid of special software we can significantly improve the quality of your digital image media, for example by:

  • Smart contrast and brightness correction..
  • Intelligent sharpening techniques.
  • Rigorous image stabilization.
  • Upscaling to a higher resolution (e.g. boosting to HD quality)
  • Speed correction (eg play old movies at the correct speed).
  • Linking multiple films/scenes.
  • Noise and flicker reduction.
  • All kinds of other filter and improvement techniques.
Video Restoration

Please note: This is a completely different kind of service than, for example, the digitization (putting on CD or DVD) of your old 8mm films.

More info: Click here

Youtube Channels:



Rick88888888: This is our main (monetized) channel with over 250 restored, enhanced and colorized historic films! Click here
Ricks Film Restoration: This is our secondary channel with a couple of dozen films that cannot be monetized for various reasons. Click here
WonderfulOldiesMusic If you love 1950s and 1960s oldies and easy listening music then do check out this wonderful channel! Click here
WonderfulTop40Music If you love 1970s and 1980s disco, soul and rock music then do check out this wonderful channel! Click here
Rick's History in Color Alternatief nieuw kanaal dat wordt gehost op Dailymotion. Click here
Youtube Playlists:



Amsterdam (NL)
during and before WWII
Wonderful film footage of Amsterdam, the beautiful capital city of The Netherlands in colour! Click here
Berlin (GE)
during and before WWII
A very interesting series about the devastation of Berlin immediately after WWII. This series consists of 5 parts. Click here
Christmas Music
my special collection!
My selection of rare and well-know Christmas evergreen songs, specially composed for the fans of my channel Click here
City Views (NL)
during and before WWII
This collection shows many Dutch towns and cities in all their splendor, primarily before WWII Click here
Indonesia (NL)
under Dutch rule in 1926
A highly interesting series in 7 parts about daily life in the Dutch East Indies around the year 1926 Click here
London (UK)
during and before WWII
Breathtaking views of London in colour during and before WWII in colour and stunning quality, Click here
Marine (Dutch Navy)
during and before WWII
A collection of films about the Dutch Navy before and during WWII in color, incl.a great 5-part series about its Submarine service Click here
New York (USA)
during and before WWII
Splended high quality footage of New York City in color before WWII. Kodachrome color film and colorized films. Click here
Rotterdam (NL)
during and before WWII
Wonderful film footage of Rotterdam, the largest harbor city of Europe, located in The Netherlands. Click here
historic films, world-wide
A collection of interesting restored, enhance & colorized films that are not part of our other playlists Click here
World War II
in color
Interesting and rare films about WWII, like the Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, London during WWII in 1943 and other. Click here
What's next on our Youtube channel?



Christmas in Wartime Britain

An emotional and beautifully made film about the hardships of the British population while celebrating Christmas during World War II around 1943.

We will release this film around 22 December 2021.


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